Ballet Horror Story


FALL SEASON 2016: OCTOBER 14-16, 2016

After battling a life threatening liver and lung disease for over two years ENRICO LABAYEN, considered as one of San Francisco's exciting and innovative choreographer, has returned in full force with three world premieres celebrating love, life, hope and the future in the Company's Fall Season 2016 at Dance Mission Theater 3316 24th Street & Mission in San Francisco from October 14-16, 2016.

The Fall Season highlight are the much awaited premiere works by Enrico Labayen: "Crossing: War,  What is it Good For?", is a work that tackles the subject of wars: it's victims, widows, and the suffering it causes to all involved; "No Chaos, Damn It!" is a work inspired by Jackson Pollocks paintings, a contemporary dance as abstract as Pollock's art.

Eclectic and visionary choreographer Anandha Ray will premiere "Ashes of Our Ancestors", inspired by the spirit of the choreographer's great-grandfather, a Cherokee Medicine Man, and the struggles of the Cherokee people. The work is a dance that will cross cultural borders to the world where spirits dance through myth and storytelling. This is a search for pure and authentic movement that comes from a place where our human blood runs thick, binding people through time and space in the understanding that we are all one.

Celebrated choreographer Erik Wagner, will present the premiere of a contemporary duet entitled “Reckless, Just Enough” to the music of Sergei Rachmaninoff.   Also on the program is the participation of Malu Rivera-Peoples’ “This World Is Watching Me” in collaboration with hip-hop artist Pat Cruz and Laura Bernasconi in “Solo Suite”.

"a new star in modern & contemporary dance"  - General Einzeiger, Germany

"Labayen creates indelible images in dance that is unforgettable."-Arab Daily, Jordan

"hypnotic & mesmerizing, a refreshing vision of contemporary dance"-Dance Magazine

Excluded: A Love Story

For Export Only

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 Three Very Important Works by Enrico Labayen


The world premiere of Labayen’s  “For Export Only”, stories of  women from the Philippines, Bangladesh, India,Thailand & Africa who were victims of human trafficking & survived, “Ballet Horror  Story”, what the Willi’s really are in Giselle; “Excluded: A Gay Love Story”, arrested, de-humanized & placed in a penitentiary & sentenced for  exclusion of a young  undocumented boy who just wants to be with his first love no matter what it takes.

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" a ritualistic bent on expressionism." - Rita Felciano, SF Bay Guardian

"All hail Labayen."-Allan Ulrich, SF Chronicle


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